Are you looking for help; information, services or supplies for your dog or pet? Well, here’s the place to look.

Being the dog and pet lover that I am, I constantly an on the look out for great stuff, whether it be information, services or products and when I come across something I love to share it.

One of the best resources that I have ever come across for Dog Training is SitStayFetch

I can honestly recommend this wholeheartedly! If you have any problems at all, Daniel Stevens can help you. He has almost 100,000 satisfied clients!

Daniel Steven addresses just about any problem that your dog could ever have and tells you exactly how to ‘fix’ it. Is goes way beyond just the basics of ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’ It covers everything from the basics to aggression, separation anxiety as well as health tips, grooming and much, much more!

Read my full review HERE!
Isn’t it worth the time to take just a minute and look? You’ll be amazed, just as I was!


Do You Care About Your Pet’s Health??

Of course you do! Silly question!

My dogs’ health and wellness is of the utmost importance to me but that doesn’t mean I want to run to the vet every time there’s a minor problem. After all do you run to the doctor every time you get an upset stomach or a cold? There is so much that you can actually do at home to ensure your pet’s best health and also to diagnose and treat many health problems.

Veterinary Secrets RevealedThere is a resource that I have found to be beyond priceless and I cannot tell you how often I refer to it and use it. It’s called Veterinary Secrets Revealed. It’s my A-Z health bible!

If you really care about your pet’s health and are tired of throwing money away for something that you can do yourself, check it out – Veterinary Secrets Revealed. It is more than worth it!

You can read a selection of informative articles listed below:

So, do you think you could benefit from having a resource like this at your fingertips? I can guarantee you that both you and your furry companions will!!

Do You Have Dog-Fur Problems? I Found a Solution!

Well, like most dog owners I do, or I did. A friend and fellow dog-nut turned me on to the best thing I have ever found to combat excess shedding – FURminator!!

FURminator FURminatorThe FURminator® was originally available only to professional groomers and kennels and has been used by thousands of top-notch pet professionals. The patented FURminator® deshedding tool is a unique tool used to extract additional loose hair and undercoat while leaving only the shiny and healthy top coat. This tool pulls out incredible amounts of loose hair without cutting or damaging the top coat. Blade is 1-3/4″L and the tool is 6″L.

You can read my original post/review HERE! This has been a miracle to my household and it can be for yours too!

Do You Know What to Do in the Case of a Pet Emergency?

Pet emergencies can be scary, even scarier if you have no idea what to do and you beloved pet is hurt, in pain or in distress. What about if it happens at night or on the weekend when your regular vet is often not easily available. Or if you live too far away to make a trip to the vet’s office easily and quickly enough. What do you do then?

There is an answer and it just could save your pet’s life!

It’s called Pet First Aid Secrets and it’s a 290 page information packed book. I have it so I know. It covers everything from the basics like diarrhea and vomiting to CPR, from bleeding and abscesses to fractures and even skunk spaying and porcupine quills. It also covers other things like handling cancer and diabetes, seizures and electrical shock.

Pet First Aid Secrets

If you ever worry about what you would do in the case of a pet emergency, I highly recommend you take a few minutes and at least check it out.

The life you save may be your pet’s.



Check it out now

Pet First Aid Secrets


For your pet’s sake, don’t wait til it’s too late!

Read my full review/article HERE!

Do you ever wonder what you’re really feeding your dog; if it’s as healthy and nutritious as the manufacturers claim it to be?

I’ve invested months in research about dog food and the ‘real’ ingredients and in many cases was horrified at what I found out.

Dog Food SecretsIf you really care and want to know more, check out Dog Food Secrets and find out what pet food manufacturers don’t want you to know!

Watch an enlightening and even frightening video HERE. It really is worth your time if you care about your pet.

You can read more in my article Commercial Dog Food – What are you really feeding you dog?

Don’t let your pet suffer from your lack of knowledge – Check out Dog Food Secrets today!!

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