Natural Health

This was written as an introduction for my Natural Health website, but everything here can just as easily be applied to the practice of natural health for pets. Think of ‘health maintenance’ rather than ‘quick-fixes,’ good nutrition, exercise and rest; all prescriptions for a happy and healthy pet and after all, isn’t that what all loving, caring pet owners want?

Now, more than ever, people are much more conscious of their health and fitness and more and more people are turning to natural sources. People are seeking out natural and herbal remedies when they are ill as well as to maintain their health. Herbs, vitamins and supplements are now considered mainstream rather than alternative although they do still carry the label ‘alternative medicines’.

In this modern society, where everything moves at an ever-increasing pace, it is important to remember that we must still take care of our bodies. Lack of proper nutrition, rest or exercise have adverse affects on our bodies.

The practice of natural health has evolved specifically in response to the increased pace of everyday life. Natural health presupposes that we are better at healing and maintaining our bodies with long-term, healthy regiments, rather than with a bunch of ‘quick fixes’.

Adopting a natural health lifestyle can give your body the chance it needs to function at its best. Whether you are young or old, fit and healthy or not, this is right for you and can improve every aspect of your life.

Although ‘natural health’ medicine for pets is, I believe, still in its infancy, you see more information and products everyday to help your pet live a healthier, more ‘natural’ lifestyle. Natural and organic petfood is quite readily available and there are vendors that promote ‘natural’ products for pets including supplements and vitamins.

So, for your pet’s sake, think about going natural!

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