Vet Advise – Part 6 – Treat Heart, Lung and Cough

Dr. Andrew JonesI’m going to be passing along some vet advise from Dr Andrew Jones, author and creator of Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

Dr. Jones has more than a decade of experience and has his own veterinary practice.

Dr. Jones also has a great online vet site called ‘The Inner Circle’ where you can find some incredible information, answers to questions, a library and forum.

Now let’s hear from Dr. Andrew Jones!

Examination and natural treatment of heart disease and lung problems -plus how to finally treat your coughing pet at home.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – Vets are only human. We don’t have all the answers. Many times when we treat a pet, the pet was likely going to recover on his own. But we feel obligated to do something – it makes us feel better.

You know your pet better than anyone else. Take charge of your pet’s health.

By reading this information you now know more alternative treatments than 90% of the Vets out there.

Your pet deserves all the options- don’t you think?

The Heart

Your pets heart is easiest palpated on the left side of the chest at the 3rd, 4th and 5th rib space. This is located directly behind the left armpit.

Place your hand over the heart to feel it beating. You should be able to count the number of heartbeats in one minute.

A normal canine range is from 70-140. A normal feline range is from 120-200.

Listen to the heart by placing your ear directly over it. You should be able to hear a quiet lub/dub. In some pets with heart problems you can actually hear a heart murmur. This sounds like a swish; at times you can actually feel a sensation with your hand (in veterinary terms this is called a precordial shrill).

If you suspect a heart murmur, have it confirmed by your veterinarian. Discuss treatment options, for there are some new effective conventional medications. But there are some things you can do at home. I discuss the use of two herbs that have been effective in heart disease.

HERBAL HELP. Hawthorn. It has been shown to increase the ability of the heart to contract as well as causing the outside blood vessels to dilate, make heart contraction easier. The dose is 2 drops per lb twice daily of the tincture.

DIRURETICS. In heart disease fluid will accumulate in the lungs and abdomen. Dandelion is a very safe diuretic herb. The dose is 2 drops per lb twice daily. Apis is a homeopathic treatment for excess fluid. The dose is 30C twice daily.


The lungs provide the oxygen to your red blood cells that allow our bodies to function. In evaluating the lungs, stand back and watch your pet breath.

Normal respirations are only with slight rises and falls of the chest.

The rate is quite low, 10-30 per minute.

Put your ears over the chest and listen to the lung sounds. They should be clear. Listen on both sides of the chest.

Any cracking is abnormal. This may indicate fluid in the chest, which is common in heart disease.

The Airways

Put moderate pressure in the airway (trachea) located just below the larynx (adams apple). Coughing indicates a problem.

A common one in small dogs is due to a condition called tracheal collapse (the airway collapses in on itself).

There are a number of home remedies for coughing.

NATURAL COUGH SYRUP. Lemon and honey can soothe any sore throat. Mix 2tbspns of honey, 1tspn of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of water. Give to your dog twice daily.

Homeopathic cough syrups may also be helpful. I have used Hylands cough syrup dosing it at 1/2 of regular adult dose per 15lbs.

HARNESS UP. Any irritated airway will benefit from having less pressure put on it. Remove the collar and use a harness
for restraint.

As a student in veterinary school, our instructors made fun of anyone who used alternative medicine. They were called Quacks.

‘There is no proof….’

But how do you think that most animals in the world are treated? It’s with natural medicine.

Most people in India or China can’t afford to even see a vet or buy medication. They use herbs, acupressure, massage, supplements, homeopathic treatments. The animals get better, because the treatments work.

I have seen thousands of pets recover with home remedies.

That is proof.

They work.

Best wishes,
Dr Andrew Jones

P.S. Isn’t it about time you snagged your own copy of ‘Veterinary Secrets Revealed?’

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