Is ‘Fluffy’ in our Pet Foods?

If you’ve been reading my ‘Dog Food 101’ series, you’re probably waking up to what’s really in the ‘commercial’ foods that are manufactured for our pets to eat and to be honest, the more research I do, the scarier it gets.

One thing that I mentioned in Part 2, in discussing proteins and meats that were used in pet foods, was the usage of 4-D animals; dead, diseased, disabled or dying. One aspect that I touched lightly on is the fact in the past, the use of rendered euthanized shelter animals was an ‘open secret’ in the pet food manufacturing industry. As for now, it is highly denied but since it’s not against the law, who knows? Some say that no source of protein, regardless of the source or quality goes unused.
The AAFCO, Association of Animal Feed Control Officials, is the organization that basically sets the ‘standards’ for the ingredients that go into our pet foods. Came across this video, have no idea how long ago it was shot, in which the now past President of the AAFCO, Herschel Pendell, talks about what is rendered down into pet food…. including, as he says, ‘Fluffy.’

It’s a very short clip, check it out – VIDEO

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