Scary – The Vaccine that doesn’t even WORK

Just got this information and it bothered me. We’re told that our pets need this vaccination and that vaccination but do you ever stop to wonder if they really need all the vaccinations that we’re told they do and if the vaccinations really work?

First, there is SO MUCH conflicting information on this issue..It really is difficult to know exactly WHAT to do.

Different experts are advising different things..

Some are BIG vaccine advocates, while others say to NOT give anything.

I am of the belief that you should give ONLY the vaccines that are necessary, as infrequently as possible.

You need to be aware of the diseases in your area, and you need to know if the vaccine for the particular disease even works..

Take for instance Leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis, a contagious disease affecting both animals and humans and spread by infection with a bacterial pathogen called Leptospira, may result in chronic liver and kidney disease and fatality in the dog. Over the past 30 years, preventative vaccination against two of the most common Leptospires, L. canicola and L. icterohaemorrhagiae, have nearly eradicated clinical disease associated with these strains among the inoculated population.

Though not without potential side effects associated with allergic reactions to inoculant in some dogs, the risks of not vaccinating for Leptospirosis once far outweighed risks of vaccine-reaction.

In recent years, however, new outbreaks of Leptospirosis have been reported in the population of vaccinated dogs. Clinical evidence now suggests that these new cases are associated with the once, less-common Leptospires for which current vaccines do not protect against.

In light of these findings, the process of vaccinating dogs with the current Leptospirosis vaccines is being seriously questioned.

In other words, the vaccine, which can cause a WHOLE HOST of side effects, is NOT EVEN protective.

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