Acupressure for Pets?

Acupressure, related to acupuncture, has been used to thousands of years with amazing result on people, so why not on pets? Scientific studies have shown that pressure on specific point of the body release brain chemicals, endorphins that ease pain.

There is actually a mapping of the acupressure point for dogs and cats.  Most acupressure points are located in depressions between muscles and bones. When you pet your cat or dog, feel for depressions in the tissue; this is likely an acupressure point. You may detect subtle changes in temperature over these areas. A hot point often indicates something acute, such as a muscle spasm. Acupressure is very safe! Even if you do not press on the exact point, coming close to it will provide some relief, and definitely you will do no harm.

The bottom line is that it can certainly do no harm and may actually do quite a bit of good. Acupressure is a very safe technique, and in using it you will never do any harm to your pet. The direct benefit is from stimulating the acupressure points, while the indirect benefit is from regularly touching your dog or cat. The two of you will feel more bonded – and that is always a good thing!

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