Herbal Health for Pets

Do you know that a great many of the herbs and you may use for your own health can also be used for your pet’s health?

Herbs like ginger root, echinacea, ginseng, willow bark and valerian?

Ginger root, wonderful for anti-nausea, can also help your dog or cat.

Willow bark, source of salicylate the active ingredient in Aspirin, is a well noted anti-inflammatory can be used to ease arthritis pain in dogs, DO NOT administer to cats!

Gingeng,  which can boost immunity can be used to speed healing.

Valerian, commonly used as a sedative  or muscle relaxant can safely be given to a dog or cat.

Information on these and many more can be found in one of my favorite resources – Veterinary Secrets Revealed.  If you’re anything like me, you like to check out alternative resources to help maintain and treat your pet’s health.

I came across a scary article the other day about vets and labs and the high incidence of medical error, do you know that over $9 billion dollars was spent last year alone on veterinary care?  And how much of it was really necessary?

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